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  1. Tsiah's prelude! 7-24-05 I took her for a ride!
  2. Kalm's car progress (THE thread about my car) *update 5-28-05*
  3. 3rd Gen_ dutchlude's restoration project *pics*
  4. 3rd Gen_ Unaturally Aspired's Prelude Thread
  5. 3rd Gen_ My 3rd Gen H22A Swap Project - PROGRESS - 56k NO WAY
  6. 3rd Gen_ N/A Build B20A5 (W/Dyno Results posted...lots of Pics)
  7. Tommy's Prelude part 2 - lots of pics
  8. 3rd Gen_ BA5's STS race car build thread
  9. 5th Gen_ 11.85 @ 115mph ALL MOTOR
  10. 4th Gen_ Bboi XtC's update thread
  11. 3rd Gen_ Joe Booty's project has finally begun. *Pics*
  12. 5th Gen_ Project BB6: Frompa's Turbo Build
  13. revolutionized Prelude!!!!!! (At least in my eyes ;))
  14. 3rd Gen_ 88S to JDM H22A build thread.
  15. 3rd Gen_ Hondamonster build thread
  16. 4th Gen_ Neon's Engine Rebuild thread!
  17. 4th Gen_ Just another 9 second prelude
  18. 3rd Gen_ Toxxicluder90's new build thread... 91 4ws. start date: 9/12/07
  19. 3rd Gen_ Rambo's N/A B20A build
  20. 2nd Gen_ project jdm restoration the long anticaption
  21. 3rd Gen_ hayamate's progress thread - pics... 56k beware
  22. 3rd Gen_ GodChilds 3rd gen forced induction build thread
  23. 4th Gen_ naabta's tear down/turbo build thread
  24. 5th Gen_ My Fully Built H22A4 Turbo Build! Lets Do It Together
  25. tucked shaved and sprayed: my wire tuck thread 56k no no
  26. 4th Gen_ _interlude's_ "another build thread"
  27. 4th Gen_ Jarrid1220's H23a1 Turbo Thread
  28. My turbo build.
  29. Change of Plans
  30. 4th Gen_ FAV605's 4th Gen Restoration/Build Up
  31. bertman's dress up + howtos thread
  32. 5th Gen_ New Year, New Turbo
  33. danks s>si conversion progress thread! =) Start up vid on page 10!
  34. 4th Gen_ Street's Build Thread H23 Blue Top swap
  35. 4th Gen_ Puton7's Build
  36. 5th Gen_ My 333whp 5th gen - COMPLETE! [pics]
  37. 5th Gen_ Prelude2Perfect's Built and Boosted Supermarine Blue Prelude Build Thread
  38. 5th Gen_ Summer Turbo Build (Finally Unveiled!)
  39. 3rd Gen_ ludeman's B21A Build thread
  40. Other_ Mr.3000's T70 build
  41. 5th Gen_ my blacky
  42. 3rd Gen_ The OFFICIAL Dexter's Prelude progress thread.
  43. So I waited to post....
  44. sots 4th gen h23vtec turbo build
  45. 5th Gen_ Viper_boy403's Boost Build
  46. 3rd Gen_ Building my girl a car
  47. 5th Gen_ 1fastlude build **COMPLETE**
  48. 5th Gen_ Project Resurrection ( Turbo Build in the works )
  49. 4th Gen_ Tizzakowack's Progress thread. Lots of Pictures.
  50. 3rd Gen_ 1988LudeB20A5's Official Turbo Build Thread!!!!!!!
  51. 5th Gen_ The Best Prelude in the World
  52. 5th Gen_ Nordic97mist's Progression Thread
  53. goldluderay's extreme types s build
  54. 3rd Gen_ Joshua Blairs Build thread
  55. 5th Gen_ Kahuna's turbo thread
  56. 3rd Gen_ My rebuild and swap thread
  57. 3rd Gen_ B18C-R progress thread.
  58. the history of boostedlude's build
  59. 4th Gen_ Street's Full Restore & Build
  60. 3rd Gen_ motoxxxman's and lilylude17's turbo 3g build
  61. 3rd Gen_ ATMskater74's New Build Thread - 90 Si
  62. 95 Integra H22 build
  63. ill-icit_ludes build thread
  64. :Lucky Never Dies: Raspinudo's Progress Thread
  65. 3rd Gen_ 1FunRyd's - Auto to 5 speed swap, B20A - H23 Non-VTEC swap
  66. Nitin's UKDM Progression Thread
  67. 3rd Gen_ Devin's RWD Prelude Progress Thread
  68. Scotty's 4th & 5th gen Progression Thread
  69. 4th Gen_ My G23 VTEC Project
  70. 3rd Gen_ Twin's N/A B20a5 build
  71. 5th Gen_ contrackillers slow boost build
  72. 3rd Gen_ 3rd_gen_lude's restore, rebuild, progress, build thread...
  73. 5th Gen_ G23 Project?!?
  74. Somewhat Budget build N/A
  75. 3rd Gen_ Not your average 3g build- 24 Hours of Lemons Prelude
  76. 3rd Gen_ My Deer Crushed Lude Build Up
  77. 4th Gen_ Cruizer's Restoration/Progress Thread *4WS Inside*
  78. 4th Gen_ n0rmaL's build/progress thread with updates
  79. 5th Gen_ Hookid's S/C build thread!
  80. 4th Gen_ flip's N/A built progress
  81. 4th Gen_ Big Mike's Prelude REBUILD
  82. 4th Gen_ slicklude's tear down and rebuild.
  83. 5th Gen_ jonbar87's H22 Supercharge Build Thread
  84. 4th Gen_ Bay Area Florida Lude build/timeline...
  85. 5th Gen_ Just your average $20k turbo build
  86. 4th Gen_ hjdanzi's h23 turbo build thread
  87. 3rd Gen_ mangos' Progress Thread. Slow net? Just give up :P
  88. 4th Gen_ GA bb4's build (shaveing, tucking, and remodeling)
  89. My kinda stock.
  90. 3rd Gen_ JGrove's '88 S Test Mule Thread
  91. 5th Gen_ Busabos77's rebuild, progress, build thread...
  92. 4th Gen_ b-RANds LUdE's bulid thread
  93. 3rd Gen_ euro_z's progress thread (epic amount of photos :P)
  94. 4th Gen_ neons Clean n' Mean Project
  95. Press10's Progress thread
  96. MLM's 5th Gen Progress Thread
  97. 3rd Gen_ my BA4 build thread
  98. 5th Gen_ Contractkiller's Turbo Build. Part 2.
  99. 3rd Gen_ H22A1 Balls out BUILD
  100. 5th Gen_ BlkLude5g's Progression Thread
  101. Other_ Project White Bitch
  102. 3rd Gen_ Project RadioActive; Black on Black Lude build
  103. 5th Gen_ Shaylude01's BB6 Build thread + Turbo
  104. 4th Gen_ R33 Skyline Re-build, 2nd times a charm... Head&Tail Conversion along with new parts
  105. 5th Gen_ ffxbb6's Re-build for fun,lol
  106. 5th Gen_ JPsBB6's Progress/Picture Thread
  107. 3rd Gen_ TURBO 3rd Gen LUDE (Aussie Style)
  108. 3rd Gen_ My Build thread
  109. 3rd Gen_ Build thread begins
  110. 1st Gen_ TBI Conversion
  111. 2nd Gen_ the TimO build
  112. 3rd Gen_ new lude:5spd/motor swap,build/progress thread...
  113. 3rd Gen_ 1991 Prelude 4ws rebuild my new project
  114. 4th Gen_ Frankenstein Build
  115. 5th Gen_ Ludenoob's N/A F23 crank w/ ATTS
  116. 5th Gen_ Crazyz250's Boosted 30r tear down/build
  117. 4th Gen_ Complete Rebuild - H22 Swap
  118. 3rd Gen_ h22 3g build
  119. 5th Gen_ Finally shaving and repainting my engine bay
  120. 3rd Gen_ Archie's Boosted 91 Si Build (lots of pictures)
  121. 5th Gen_ Goin o.g.
  122. 3rd Gen_ Light is right
  123. 4th Gen_ Need help
  124. 5th Gen_ Rebuild
  125. 4th Gen_ b-RANds LUdE build thread
  126. 3rd Gen_ dominican power build----spoon lude----
  127. 5th Gen_ nordicBBsex's Progression Thread
  128. 5th Gen_ marcus81184's build
  129. 1st Gen_ *Update* Rebuild + Turbo
  130. 3rd Gen_ Federal Way 3rd Gen's 88 Si (build thread)
  131. 5th Gen_ Road Racing H23vtec Prelude
  132. 5th Gen_ WHTISJDM's 01 SH
  133. 4th Gen_ Desert-Fox's Repair, Restore, and Modify
  134. 3rd Gen_ Builds.The.Fire dedication car
  135. 5th Gen_ ToxxicLuder's **5th Gen Build thread** started: 11/12/09
  136. 4th Gen_ Chaz's 92 Prelude Si Progression
  137. 5th Gen_ Intro/build/progression
  138. 5th Gen_ DreamReaperx's progression
  139. 3rd Gen_ BLAKE253's lude thread.
  140. 5th Gen_ HondaJUNprelude
  141. 5th Gen_ H22PLZKTHXBYE's 2nd 5th gen: Progress and Build thread. 56K sadness
  142. 5th Gen_ Its time for me to start building.
  143. 4th Gen_ Blamo's 94 Si Progress
  144. 5th Gen_ Hamadiscool's N/A Build Thread
  145. 4th Gen_ bb1vince progress/build thread
  146. 4th Gen_ The Kevprelude Rebuild!
  147. 5th Gen_ Canadian 2000 Prelude SH
  148. 4th Gen_ MNludeDVR's build saga :: from n2o to boost
  149. 4th Gen_ h23 build need help
  150. 3rd Gen_ My JDM 3rd Gen Build
  151. 3rd Gen_ Help me spend $2000?
  152. 4th Gen_ kind of RE-BUILD my acoLUDEon.
  153. 4th Gen_ h23 rebuild
  154. 3rd Gen_ ba4ludeb20a's
  155. 3rd Gen_ ba4ludeb20a's pic/progression
  156. 4th Gen_ Ludeatiks Complete Build Up
  157. 3rd Gen_ Black Majik Steering-H22 Swap....long story!
  158. 4th Gen_ Marts UKDM build thread
  159. 5th Gen_ BEEFY's 97 Prelude Build
  160. 5th Gen_ H22a4lude's build
  161. 5th Gen_ BBRLudeAtic's progression.
  162. 3rd Gen_ My Simple Build
  163. 5th Gen_ fun winter project
  164. 5th Gen_ EagleEyez Build Thread
  165. 5th Gen_ In Persuit of the cleanest 99 FGP
  166. 5th Gen_ Akprelude's 5th Gen rebuild.
  167. 4th Gen_ JLUDE's Official 4th gen "Black Betty" build thread
  168. 4th Gen_ Honda Prelude BB4 Sport Stage "White JDM Refrigerator"
  169. Other_ GreatDane68's his and her build thread (3rd and 4th gen 'Ludes)
  170. 3rd Gen_ Stephen's Life Story Since Becoming a Prelude Owner. (Heavy Reading, Heavy Pictures).
  171. 5th Gen_ The rise of the Phoenix: BLude's Epic Rebuild
  172. 3rd Gen_ Prelude1897's 3rd Gen build thread
  173. 4th Gen_ ludetech's 92 prelude build (TRINITY)
  174. 4th Gen_ Built head, Stock block
  175. 5th Gen_ Ludeh22a's Progress Thread
  176. 5th Gen_ Snyder729's Black 5th Gen Build Thread
  177. 5th Gen_Shocker5thgen's SC 2.5 w/pics
  178. 4th Gen_ Roy Build-UP Before and After
  179. 4th Gen_ H22ELude's Restoration
  180. 5th Gen_ snoboarder636's turbo build
  181. 5th Gen_ My BB6 rebuild!
  182. 5th Gen_ 5spd5gens build thread
  183. 5th Gen_ 98BLKBB6 Boost build!
  184. 4th Gen_ Prelude1897's 4th Gen build thread
  185. 4th Gen_ coldfission's build
  186. 5th Gen_ blake903's turbo build
  187. 5th Gen_ Mugenwannabe's Progression Thread
  188. 5th Gen_ RHD F20B Lewdness.
  189. 3rd Gen_ Convert '90 Prelude Auto to Manual?
  190. 3rd Gen_ LuxLude's build thread. Start 02/28/10
  191. 4th Gen_ Kerry400f's Turbo Build
  192. 4th Gen_ Big boost build
  193. 5th Gen_ DeludedBBSiK's builds thread
  194. 3rd Gen_ Honda Prelude SR build ideas
  195. 3rd Gen_ Ludasaurus' '91 Prelude Si Swap/Build
  196. 4th Gen_ My new shell
  197. 3rd Gen_ What all you 3rd gens wanted to see (the make over and Turbo build
  198. 3rd Gen_ 89Lood 3rd gen build
  199. 3rd Gen_ First post...89 Si
  200. 3rd Gen_ PhillyEagles88's 3rd Gen Build Thread
  201. 4th Gen_ Evangelist - 93 Lude
  202. 3rd Gen_ Drag Car Build
  203. 4th Gen_ What to do with this lude??? newb on board
  204. 3rd Gen_ My build;)
  205. 5th Gen_ Nasty's 5th gen Build
  206. 4th Gen_ FAV605's NEW INSANE BUILD!!
  207. 3rd Gen_ '88 Prelude Build
  208. 5th Gen_ Kane666's Build
  209. 4th Gen_ Rebuild of my multicolor BB2
  210. 3rd Gen_ Little_Raskal's B20A5 NA build
  211. 3rd Gen_ 3rd gen 4ws h22 swap
  212. 4th Gen_ N1ghtStalk3rs Build/rebuild (56k NO!)
  213. 5th Gen_ **Sir Kyle's Build thingy**
  214. 2nd Gen_ The second lude build thread ( 86 Lude )
  215. 5th Gen_ Want to start a build in the future.
  216. 5th Gen_ 5spd5thgen's boost build
  217. hjdanzi's turboed-engine rebuild thread
  218. 4th Gen_ h23vtec+jrsc+n20= :)
  219. 3rd Gen_ Civic 5th Gen hatch CRVTEC Turbo 4WD 4WS
  220. 4th Gen_ painted prelude
  221. 5th Gen_ New Member Pearl White Build
  222. 3rd Gen_ JLUDE's Red 4WS Build! Jeanette!
  223. 2nd Gen_ -85 lude
  224. 3rd Gen_ Si's ReBirth
  225. 3rd Gen_ JDM B21A Restoration/Build
  226. 4th Gen_ H22 turbo build
  227. 5th Gen_ BB6 turbo Timeattack build
  228. Other_ Nusdogg's Build Thread
  229. 4th Gen_ 5SpdH22's Progress
  230. Prelude_racer06 Turbo Build thread
  231. 5th Gen_ ffxbb6's RHD Turbo build!
  232. 5th Gen_ matt97lude's progression thread
  233. 1st Gen_ Mackie - continuing the og
  234. 2nd Gen_ 1986 Prelude Si Retro-Mod
  235. 4th Gen_ triumph_013's build/progress thread...56k stay away
  236. 4th Gen_ OHhh NOoo!! GrannY GOLD!!!!
  237. 2nd Gen_ 2point0si progress
  238. 5th Gen_ Destinova403's 5th gen build.
  239. 4th Gen_ pprowler6's build/restore
  240. 3rd Gen_ 88 Prelude 4ws si Project
  241. 2nd Gen_ My build (lots of pics)
  242. 5th Gen_ H22BB6's build/progress thread pic heavy no 56k
  243. 5th Gen_ FireTyrants SLOW build
  244. 4th Gen_ H23 Vtec Build
  245. 3rd Gen_ gibbsrcing's Progress thread!!! Check it out!!
  246. PROGRESS THREAD ***jdm3genprelude***
  247. Other_ Del Sol H22a Wiring Harness
  248. 3rd Gen_ rev_rage's progress turbo build
  249. 5th Gen_ Imprtedcivic 2001 Base "Mimi" Progression...
  250. 5th Gen_ SH to JDM h23a Build