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This is THE spot to document all of your Prelude progress! Make a Build Thread.
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General Prelude & Car Discussion
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5th Gen

'97 - '01 Prelude Discussion
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4th Gen

'92 - '96 Prelude Discussion
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3rd Gen

'88 - '91 Prelude Discussion
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2nd Gen

'83 - '87 Prelude Discussion
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1st Gen

'79 - '82 Prelude Discussion
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New to the forum? Introduce yourself here!
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Prelude Of the Month

The Prelude Of the Month Program
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Please dont hesitate to post your reviews on both Products and Companies alike!
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Performance and Style

Forced Induction

Ask questions and get answers about all your Turbo, and supercharger needs.
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Naturally Aspirated

Ask questions and get answers about all your N/A needs.
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Car Entertainment and Security

Discuss All of you car audio video, problems and solutions.
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Questions and answers about supension, wheels, tires, and brakes.
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ECU Tuning

uberdata, crome, crome pro, hondata, aem ems, megasquirt, etc etc....
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Detailers Corner

Post your tips and tricks to getting your ride looking clean. Find out what you need to detail your car.
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Custom interiors and reupholstering.
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Body kits, lighting, etc
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Ask questions and get answers about all your Nitrous needs.
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Multimedia Video and Photo gallery

Photo Gallery

Preludepower Photo Gallery
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Preludepower Video Gallery
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Post your experiences, tips and tricks.
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Street Racing

We at do not condone street racing and are not responsible for anything posted in this forum.
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Post your experiences and discuss upcoming events, along with tips and tricks.
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For Sale / Wanted

Group Buys

Specifially for Group Buys. All transactions protected VIA Paypal, not Prelude Power.
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For Sale / Trade is not responsible for any sale here, this is for users to buy and sell we have nothing to do with it, Use at your own risk. If you get ripped off do not send complaints to us. Need 100 posts to create thread.
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Wanted is not responsible for any sales here, this is for users to buy and sell we have nothing to do with it, Use at your own risk. If you get ripped off do not send complaints to us. Need 25 posts to create thread.
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Leave Feedback when ever a sale or trade is made. Lets everyone know how your sale went. Need 100 posts to create thread.
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Rosko Racing Honda H series performance parts specializing in the H22 Euro-R intake manifold and custom machining.
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Need to customize or repair your Honda Prelude? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.
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Vendor Deals

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Off Topic

Elite O-T

Paid members O-T, whatever goes.
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Regional Forums Chat with others in your Region

Prelude Meets

Generally for Larger Meets not specific to any region. Home of the East Coast Prelude Meet [ECPM].
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  1. So not only am I not a big forum user but also new to the 3rd gen just picked on up a couple weeks ago. How much after market support is their as far as lower upper control arms and all their components. I found full body coilovers just looking for the rest lol. Any direction you could point me...
  2. How do I get the cylinder out of the door handle? linkage is off, handle is out of the door..there is pin that looks like it goes through the I use a hammer and punch to push it out. Its not budging. Is this the correct way to remove the cylinder? My 91 helms didn't have anything...
  3. I've spent weeks researching and trying to figure this out but I see alot of mixed information. So for a little background I dirt track race front wheel drives, so I habe purchased a Jdm h22a motor that is just the block and head and nothing else. I currently am planning to build a 4th gen...
  4. 1987 Honda Prelude Si 2.0 5 spd manual On Ebay Price: $8,850.00
  5. So my driver's side window isn't working properly in my 99. It goes down but doesn't go up properly. It's a pita where like it'll go about halfway up, get stuck, and then I have to combine a mixture of slamming the door and putting it slightly down then back up and using the switch again and...
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